Chantry Model Boat Club

Kents #1 Model Boat Club Located in the wonderful surroundings of Bluewater shopping centre.

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Scale boats are replicas of full-size boats. They are to scale of the full sized ones. They can be small enough to fit into your hand, or large, trailer-transported models weighing hundreds of pounds. More often than not they are a miniaturized version of a prototype, built using plans and/or photos, although there are variants that utilize freelance designs. An offshoot of this style of marine RC’s is radio-controlled submarines.

Sailboats use the power of the wind acting on sails to propel the boat. Model sailboats are typically controlled via a multi-channel radio transmitter in the hands of the operator with a corresponding receiver in the boat. By changing the position of the two joysticks on the transmitter signals are sent over two separate channels on a single radio frequency (assigned to the individual boat/operator). On the boat, the radio receiver is connected to two battery-powered electric motors or servos. Signals from the radio transmitter are interpreted by the radio receiver and translated into instructions to change the position of the servos. One servo controls the position of both main and jib sails together (allowing the sails to be trimmed), the other the position of the rudder (allowing the boat to be steered).

Scale model tug boats are often built to include scale drive systems. They use standard propellers and rudder(s), Becker rudders, Kort nozzles, steerable kort nozzles, Z-drives or Voith-Schneider cycloidial drives. Clubs will often host maneuvering competitions where participants are tasked to run their boats in the most realistic manner possible. This can be judged with or without a “tow” or barge attached. Model Tug boats were often used for filming on three shows. TUGS, Thomas & Friends and Theodore Tugboat in which they had moving eyes and as for TUGS moving heads.

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