Chantry Model Boat Club

Kents #1 Model Boat Club Located in the wonderful surroundings of Bluewater shopping centre.


July Club update - Break time

From Wednesday 15th July tea, coffee & biscuits will be avalible from the club hut at the usual price of 50p, Members are advised that only 1 person is aloud in te hut at any one time when getting there refreshments.

We Need You...

We are looking for keen captains to take control of some of the clubs large vessels on our open day and special events, if you feel up to the challange get in touch and we can get you familiar with handling large ships.

Limited numbers at pond

Due to the currant situation we are limited to 30 people at any one time at the pond sailing. This is on a first come first serve basis. If you turn up and we are currently full you have the option to wait but will have to keep your boats in the car until signed in. These are goverment rules that have to be enforced.

Dock Update

As some of you may know there has been a bunch of keen dedicated members that in there own time have helped construct a dock scene to the right hand side of the jetty, once complete and we have sucseeded in keeping the birds off we will be building a very simular dock scene on the left hand side of the jetty. After observing passes by with the currant dock we are sparking alot of interest and have already landed us a new member purly because of this. If you would like to see somthing or would like to give a hand then please contact one of the committee.

Launch of Chantry Enterprise

Some of our keen and helpful club members have been working hard behind the scenes rubbing, painting, filling and making parts for the Chantry cargo ship, This project has now been put on hold due to COVID-19

Location & Times

We are located within the grounds of Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. Postcode DA9 9ST. Located nr the village entrance. We sail every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 9am till 1pm





Has to be one of the best if not the best pond in the South East, calm waters and great facilitys. lots of keen members who made me feel very welcome.
Daniel Eddy
Warships, Subs and Tugs

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